Samsung Innov8 Event

I got myself an impromptu slot to attend the event at Samsung in Vivocity. All thanks to DK and Rinaz who both helped to extend the invitation to me 😀

It’s Samsung’s first blogger event and I must say, I was impressed because there was free food like, pizza, salad, drinks and my favourite, Ruffles chips! After the dinner, Daniel from Samsung started off the event formally. Next up was the quick overview of Samsung Innov8 and its functions. I love the 8 mega-pixels, smile and blink detection. These features for capturing beautiful smiles and all opened eyes are not available in most cameras. I know even my beloved Canon S5 IS doesn’t have them either. Shucks!

The phone shown on the slide.

The hunt for photos that are inspired by Innov8.

The event was fun as I got to know that Rinaz had a great concept for the inspiration and she won the phone. I think it was a little bit weird that all 3 winners were girls. How come I didn’t win? I also girl!

I hope to be able to attend more of the events by Samsung and get chances to trial run the gadgets. I have Omnia, so I qualify! (Shameless self-promotion).

On a side note, I was really honoured that Nadnut (who also won the Innov8) lent me her Pinky for photo taking. Unfortunately, I was printing the photos and there really wasn’t enough time for more photoshoots after that.

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