I Have To Pay For a Warning Letter

This is written while in angry mode. I counted enough spam SMS to file a report and what do I get? That I get charged have to pay for asking the telco to send a warning letter to the idiotic spammer. WT….

I need to file a police report too. Great. A simple way for the telco is to change my number. Of course it’s easy for them! They don’t have to any work except change my number but I have to send more than 100 SMS to inform everyone that I’ve changed my number no thanks to the asshole-bastard-spammer!

Why do I need a police report to send a warning letter to the lousy spammer?! Why can’t it be done in a simple way? Why do I even need to pay for the warning letter??!! Make the spammer PAY LAH!

Why can’t we block numbers from calling us anyway? Isn’t it time to upgrade their services? Geez.

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11 Responses

  1. Mark says:

    time to write in the New Paper and complain

  2. WishBoNe says:

    Of course, it’s time I do it. Real silly way to work such things out. Waste my time.

  3. Sam Allen says:

    It is hard to get away from the spam model that so many people choose to use – but it has been around for a long time. If people dont know, how can they buy it right? Its all push and hope someone picks up on it. Kind of like mailers. Not many people like them turning up, and out of the millions that do get delivered, only a small percentage open, let alone use them. I guess it is the same with mobile marketing and information services. PUSH VS. PULL.

    Would love your thoughts on a service we are trialling if you have a moment.

    Its called YouTXT and is an open use pull sms info provider. Any one can setup a unique code and message to share. You can use it for anything – from property advertisements, m-vouchers, info updates for traffic, weather or whether a sports game is on , tracking advertising effectiveness, even polling – any type of info that you could want to share or get people to request you can create.

    Originally from nz, its trialling internationally for july 07 using a long number +447800200507 (instead of the NZ shortcode 8808) to use the service.

    If you get a chance I would love to find out what you think. Just go to Youtxt.co.nz, create a code and a message, then txt the code to +447800200507 ( costs the same as a normal txt ).

    Be great to hear your thoughts!

  4. WishBoNe says:

    The cost is same as normal txt, eh? So, the cost in which currency?

  5. 杰 says:

    This is crazy. Didn’t know that have to pay for it just to send a warning. If it’s the local company doing all the spam it’s easy to stop them since we are protected by the anti spamming law.

    If it’s from overseas, I think it would be much more complex. Do a search on the anti spam law and see if there’s anything of use for you.

  6. WishBoNe says:

    I’m going to do a search before I send a complain letter to them directly. The warning should not be charged to me.

  7. abc] says:

    just ask them to waive it off they will most probably do that once u just ask

  8. WishBoNe says:

    I’m definitely not going to pay for it. The girl didn’t handle the call well. I’m going to write a complaint to them.

  9. Sam says:

    The cost is same as normal txt, eh? So, the cost in which currency?

    The cost is .50c to cover hosting and gateway costs – but other than that it doesnt really cost anything for a business or general user to setup a txt marketing or information service.

    Have you checked it out at all – would love your thoughts.

  10. WishBoNe says:

    Thanks for the info.

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