Web SMS Frustrations

Sending SMS via the web is good. We don’t have to spend a cent on the SMS provided the sendings are free. I know of Singtel and Starhub that provide such a service and I use it because I don’t want to be seen on my mobile returning SMSes. It doesn’t look productive at work. 😛

However, the minus point to such a service is the limitations. Free things often have limitations. The limitation is the number of SMS sent and the session in use. The frustrations with time limitations is that it’s not the 1st time with Starhub’s web SMS service that got me timeout in 5 minutes. I’ve been kicked out 5 times already and it’s very frustrating to start a new session every 5 minutes. I shall have to stick to the “normal” way of sending SMS; via my mobile provider.

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1 Response

  1. Daryl says:

    Hi, I fully understand your frustrations. Just yesterday I came across this Chawt WebSMS at http://www.chawt.com. So I decided to sign up. The sign up was simple, straight forward and fast. After that, I tried to send a couple of SMS and to my surprise it actually works. There is no time out thing, and they only attach a small advertisement at the end of the SMS.

    For me, that’s fine really, I mean its free and it works.