Youtube Being Forced to Shutdown

Brazil wants Youtube to be shutdown because of a Brazilian model’s sex romp with her boyfriend in the sea. Now, Youtube has the rights to remove videos but it can’t possibly prevent all of the same video from being uploaded, can it? I mean, can someone tell me who hasn’t seen multiple videos of Paris Hilton with the same situation in the past?

The legal issue of it being different, how do you actually enforce the law of your own country to another country? What the model should have done is that she should have done it in some room, not in the sea. Don’t you know that there are satellites and mobile phones with video cameras built in exist? These are for personal purposes which shouldn’t be used to film celebraties during their private moments which should have been done privately instead of in beaches, etc.

I bet the search for images of the model would hit sky high. My next bet is that besides Youtube, the very same video may be uploaded in other video sharing sites. The sure way to make you blog or site bein hit on the most? Put “Daniela Cicarelli” in your blog or video and wait for the stats to be shown the next day. It may be just right after you’ve posted it. Other keywords would be related to the infamous video even though your blog isn’t about it at all. Unscrupulous, huh?

I don’t think Youtube would be shutdown. What I notice is that ever since the Paris Hilton episode is that the moderators are more vigilant. More videos that should be rated 18+ are being rated as such. However, I do feel that it’s a hassle to sign up for so many accounts. I have too many account names and passwords to remember!

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