A Will for Online Assets

I don’t have a will, yet. I’ve been meaning to write one but failed. Each time I look at the piece of half-baked paragraphs that I attempted to continue, my mind turns blank. I have nothing to put into the will when I have some assets that I wished to leave to anyone. Money from the bank, insurance and other physical stuff can be put into the will.

However, what about online assets such as your blog, online account that you’ve been trying to earn extra cash to tide through the rough periods? Andrew has some advice for us. I’ve been thinking about my blogs, I have a few of them here, I must be addicted to blogging. What happens if I’m no longer able to update them? I want them to be archived and still allow others to read except I won’t be moderating them anymore.

Darren has some tips on how to manage the blogs too, read it here. He has also given us a link on AdSense in the AfterLife? article. What started them off was a question posted by Eric. His daughter must be some philosopher in the making.

Now, I must list my assets down and try to write a complete will this time.

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2 Responses

  1. I really like this article. You did a great job of rounding up the blog thoughts on wills for online stuff.

    Thanks a ton for the link,

  2. WishBoNe says:

    Thanks Andrew.

    You have provided links for me to start it off 🙂